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    Making France one of the most innovative countries in the world

    👉 La French Tech, a growing and efficient ecosystem

    • In 10 years, La French Tech has become one of the most successful start-up ecosystems in the world. Today, France has a mature, innovative ecosystem that continues to grow in France and internationally:
    • La French Tech is now made of more than 20,000 start-ups,representing more than 1 million direct and indirect jobs,
    • The number of French unicorns has increased nearly 9-fold in 6 years, from 3 in 2018 to 26 today,
    • In the first half of 2022, French startups raised €8.4 billion, 63% more than during the same period last year,
    • Since 2019, France has been the most attractive country in Europe for foreign investment (according to the EY barometer of May 31, 2022)

    👉 La French Tech launches innovations linked to major societal issues

    With our 26 unicorns positioned in strategic and forward-looking sectors, France is answering through innovation to the major challenges facing our society. Some examples of French start-ups positioned in strategic sectors:

    • In the Agri Tech sector, Ynsect is the world leader in natural insect protein production
    • In the Deep Tech sector, OVH Cloud is the European leader in Cloud
    • In the Green Tech sector: Back Market is a champion for the refurbished electronic goods
    • In the Health sector: Doctolib is currently the leader in e-health in Europe.

    Through its sector-based programs, Mission French Tech provides support from government services, integration into economic diplomacy, visibility actions and specific support.

    Since 2021, Mission French Tech has launched 4 programs for start-ups proposing disruptive innovations. These programs are part of France 2030, a 30 Billion € investment plan aimed at meeting major challenges of our time: Green Tech, Agri Tech, Deep Tech and Health.

    👉 Building a more responsible ecosystem

    The French start-up ecosystem is also committed to promoting greater diversity and explore solutions regarding the ecological transition.

    The French Tech Mission is implementing numerous initiatives including:

    On Parity:

    Mission French Tech supports our champions to achieve gender equality. In 2022, more than 70 start-ups have signed a Parity Pact that aims to accelerate equality between women and men. The signatories have committed to:

    • Reach a minimum threshold of 20% of women on the company’s board by 2025 and 40% by 2028
    • Train 100% of managers on diversity issues and the fight against discrimination and harassment by the end of 2022
    • Set up a joint team of representatives who will speak on behalf of the company, both internally and externally, by the end of 2022;
    • Implement specific support for each employee upon return from parental leave, by the end of 2022.

    On the ecological transition:

    • The Green 20 program is a Mission French Tech support program for start-ups that develop breakthrough innovations for the ecological transition and that are destined to
      become market leaders in the years to come
    • In 2023, to be part of the French Tech Next 40/120, which brings together the 120 most successful start-ups in our ecosystem, the selected companies will be asked to commit to complete of a “scope 1, 2 and 3” carbon footprint by the end of 2023

    On inclusion:

    Through the French Tech Tremplin program, Mission French Tech targets people far from the entrepreneurial ecosystem who meet certain criteria such as being a student, a refugee or beneficiary of social minima…

    The objective of this program is to support them in the creation and development of their start-up thanks to an intensive and complete accompaniment in the world of entrepreneurship.

    An ecosytem open to every talent

    👉 French Tech Visa

    Since 2017, the internationalization of the French Tech ecosystem pushes companies to look for talents worldwide. The French Tech Visa is a simplified procedure for non-europeans investors, founders and employees who want to settle in France.

    As a proof of succes, this system allowed more than :
    – 1 200 entrepreneurs to hire foreign workers in 2021,
    – 200 founders to request a French Tech Visa every year.

    👉 Welcome to la French Tech Desk

    In addition, tools have been implemented to support the arrival of FT Visa beneficiaries and their families. France offers a generous social system as well as a living environment that allows citizens to flourish. To facilitate your settlement, « Welcome to la French Tech Desk » is the dedicated website where you can find detailed information but also connect with professionals who will help you with administrative procedures.

    An internationally expanding ecosystem

    👉 An international ecosystem
    Our startups are exporting all over the world. A large majority of Next40/FT120 start-ups has a subsidiary in a foreign country :
    – 220 subsidiaries in Western Europe
    – 80 subsidiaries in North America
    – 63 subsidiaries in Asia.

    International sales will represent 60% of the Next40/FT120 total turnover by 2025 (according to a study by Mc Kinsey). To strengthen their international development, French start-ups can benefit from a network made of 63 French Tech communities all around the world, and from a strong diplomatic and institutional network.

    👉An expansion that requires talents from the entire world

    Due to this rapid growth, the French Tech companies can conquer new markets by acquiring companies abroad, and are recruiting in all sectors. Among these successes, we can mention :
    – OVH with 33 datacenters in 13 countries allowing a connection in 140 countries
    – Deezer the second independent music platform in the world, with more than 5 subsidiaries in the world,
    – Doctolib who recently acquired Tanker, but also Sendinblue who acquired 4 companies in less than 4 years.