The « Je choisis la French Tech » initiative is intended to strengthen the use of French start-up solutions for the development of public administrations and the economic fabric (VSEs, SMEs, ETIs, companies). This initiative aims to promote the development of new innovative solutions and thus respond to the major issues of sovereignty and society.



« Je choisis la French Tech » meets 4 objectives:

  1. Strengthen technological sovereignty, by meeting the needs of digital, technological and ecological transformation of the economic fabric and public administrations, through the increasing use of French solutions from French Tech, and reduce dependence on foreign solutions;
  2. Strengthen the economic impact of the French Tech ecosystem, by maintaining in France the value created (turnover, jobs, industrial sites) by the purchases of companies and public buyers;
  3. Increase the income of start-ups, in a financing context that places profitability as a structuring factor of development;
  4. Stimulate the innovation of start-ups by providing market perspectives


Main goals:

  • Double public and private orders for start-ups by 2027
  • 500 partner companies by the end of 2023, and 5,000 in 2027, who undertake to implement actions to increase their purchases from start-ups


The « Je choisis la French Tech » initiative is based on the joint mobilization of the French Tech ecosystem (French Tech Capitals and Communities, associations), public procurement actors (State Purchasing Department, ministries, Ugap), professional federations (Afep, CCI France , METI, etc) and companies (large groups, ETI, SME).

A collective mobilization of the French Tech ecosystem and the economic fabric to strengthen the use of start-up solutions:

  • 50 professional associations and federations are committed to the “I choose French Tech” plan

  • More than 200 companies have committed:
    • “Partner” companies commit to doubling their start-up purchases by 2027.
    • “Support” companies make resource commitments (appointment of a start-up referent, implementation of an accelerated purchasing process, doubling of the number of start-ups referenced as suppliers, events)

Mobilization on public procurement with the State Purchasing Department and actions in preparation on the part of four ministries (Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty; Ministry of the Armed Forces, Ministry of Ecological Transition, Ministry of Justice), the National Center for Space Studies, etc.



To concretely strengthen the dissemination of solutions from French start-ups, each company has the opportunity to commit individually to “Je choisis la French Tech”!

This commitment is based on objectives to increase the percentage of purchases from start-ups within signatory companies.



JUNE 2023

  • 21 june – La French Tech Grande Provence | Open GreenTech

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  • 22 june – La French Tech Munich | SERVUS ScaleUp: The Franco-Bavarian Startup Festival

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  • 27 june – La French Tech Aix-Marseille | Le Bain des Champs

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  • 27 june – La French Tech Méditerranée | Meet, Think & Act

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  • 28 june – France Biotech | Innovation, Autonomie et Handicap

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  • 29 june to 30 june – La French Tech Brest + | AI Days

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JULY 2023

  • 4 july – La French Tech Alpes | French Tech Summit

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  • 4 july – La French Tech Toulouse | Summer Tech Day

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  • 13 september – La French Tech Aix-Marseille | Le Grand Bain

  • 26 september – La French Tech Brest + | Ticket to Pitch

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  • October – Ministère de la Justice | Speed meeting
  • October – Ministère de la Transition Écologique | Meet-up greentech
  • 3 october – La French Tech Bourgogne-Franche-Comté | Forum Hydrogène à Belfort

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  • 25 october – La French Tech Bourgogne-Franche-Comté  | Trophées SIIViM de l’innovation des Territoires Médians

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  • November – Ministère des Armées | Speed meeting
  • 21 november – La French Tech Lille | Tech & Fab Summit
  • 23 november – La French Tech Bordeaux | French Tech Day – 

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Find the list of our partners in the press kit – soon available.