Welcome to France

International talent, France welcomes you with open arms!



The French tech ecosystem is one of the most dynamic in Europe and in the world. Now, with the launch of an ambitious initiative, the government is aiming to make the country even more appealing.

We are proud to share details of the new strategy, which focuses on attracting international tech talent to France and was announced on July 7 at Station F. 

Welcome to France!



As a completement to the existing French Tech Visa, a number of innovative new measures will be introduced! 

    Available in French and English, this platform makes it easier to understand the administrative processes encountered by anyone wanting to move to France to join the French Tech ecosystem. Whether you are an investor, an entrepreneur or an employee, this platform is for you.

    To learn more, visit welcometofrance.com 

    The Community Guide

    This online guide offers practical advice, tips and best practices to help you better understand the French ecosystem.

    Solutions for your move to France

    Includes a list of the best service providers to make your move easier (residence permit, housing, bilingual schools, etc.), plus advice on dealing with French formalities (opening a bank account, etc.).

    The French Tech International Community

    This professional network helps you connect you with other international talent in France. The community meets regularly at Station F – an opportunity for you to meet like-minded people and share practical and professional advice.

    In addition:

    • the application process for “Talent Passport” residence permits will be digitalized by the Ministry of the Interior in order to make life simpler
    • a network of tech specialists will be established in Prefectures.



    Look out for our campaign!

    France is famed for its quality of life, social benefits, culture and economic standing. And now it can also boast an extremely dynamic tech ecosystem, along with the many opportunities it generates for tech talent all over the world.

    French Tech and Choose France are launching a major campaign to attract international talent from around the world! 

    Discover all and share now.