Aspiring entrepreneurs : French Tech Tremplin “Prépa” is the right program for you

Step 1.

Know what you’ll be getting yourself into

Step 2.

Make sure you’re eligible

We are on the lookout for aspiring entrepreneurs from populations chronically underrepresented in our tech ecosystem, including but not limited to those from low-income neighborhoods, from refugee populations or with physical disabilities.

To be eligible, you must meet at least one of the following conditions:

If you do not formally meet one of these criteria, but believe the program is made for you, you may also request a letter of recommendation from one of our national scouting partners.

Step 3.

Pick your location

French Tech Tremplin is available in cities across France and the World.

Step 4.


Heads up: aside from the usual contact information, we’ll also be asking you for:

  • A deck presenting your initial idea
  • A 30-second video introducing yourself and explaining why you make a great candidate

Take your time to fill out the form as best as you can. Have a look at our FAQ, participate in French Tech Tremplin meet-ups held in each of our French Tech Capitals, or reach out to some of our scouting partners for more information.

Step 5.

If you are shortlisted, we will contact you to set up an interview with our local jury. And if you are selected, we will send you an acceptance letter.