This annual list honors 40 of France's highest performing tech champions and grants them access to France's most powerful growth-stage program.



“The whole ContentSquare team is very proud to be part of the French Tech Next40. It’s both stimulating and reassuring for us to know that the government will be supporting us during our rapid growth phase. We are pursuing that growth with the specific goal of creating a world leader in the UX Analytics market.”

Jonathan Cherki, CEO, ContentSquare

Every fall, La French Tech and Bpifrance publish a list of 40 French startups with the strongest prospects of long-term growth based on economic performance criteria. This list comprises companies that have their head offices in France and that have not yet undergone a trade sale or floated on the stock market.

The French Tech Next40 set the standard for the kind of tech champions France needs—companies whose growth translates to a positive impact on both the economy and society. It is our hope that by celebrating and supporting the French Tech Next40 that they are able to reach their full potential and pave the way for the next generation of French entrepreneurs.



Spotlight as one of France’s 40 future tech champions, in foreign delegations, national marketing campaigns, international events, and other global French Tech communication efforts.

Pre-IPO support from Euronext, carried out by a team of experts (lawyers, bankers, auditors, etc.) Euronext is creating a pre-IPO “French Tech Next40 Roadshow,” allowing them to meet one-on-one and to pitch directly to market analysts and specialists of the European tech scene. 

Admission into French Tech 120, France’s new growth-stage program which offers unprecedented advantages and support, pooled from over 40 ministries, agencies, and public services.



French unicorns – unlisted tech companies that are valued at over a billion dollars and start-ups that have raised over €100 million in the last three years – are automatically admitted to the group of French Tech Next40 businesses. The rest are selected based on the following guidelines: 

  • The most funds raised in the last three years 
  • Turnover exceeding five million euros in FY 2018 and annual growth averaging at least 30% in the last three FYs

In 2019, a jury also awarded five special mentions on the basis of their commitment and impact to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: 

  • Circular and responsible economy: BackMarket 
  • Healthcare: Doctolib
  • Diversity and gender equality: Ÿnsect
  • Inclusion: OpenClassrooms 
  • Environment: Ÿnsect



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