The support program for French late-stage startups



The French Tech Next40/120 program offers support to French scaleups with the potential to become global technology leaders. 

Every year, 120 French startups are selected to take part in the program.


It’s finally time to unveil the names of the winning startups for the 2021 French Tech Next40/120!

Discover the 120 French startups, selected based on economic performance criteria, who will follow in the footsteps of French champions such as Ynsect, Mirakl and Blablacar!


Class of 2021



The Government has set the bar high for the French Tech. To accelerate the economic recovery, we must hit 25 unicorns by 2025. It’s an ambitious target that serves an even greater purpose: to ensure the global technology leaders of tomorrow – in other words, those that create jobs and influence our lives – are French.

With global competition increasing, we believe the State has an essential role to play in helping scaleups to become world-class leaders. To increase our chances of success, the French Tech Mission has put together a network of French Tech Correspondents from government agencies, ministries and public services.

The program is also a laboratory :  new services and approaches are often designed and tested in closed beta with French Tech Next40/120 member companies before they are deployed across the entire ecosystem. 


Who is it for?

The French Tech Next40/120 brings together promising French companies experiencing or about to enter hypergrowth in order to support them during their hypergrowth period. By joining the French Tech Next40/120, these companies follow in the footsteps of French trailblazers such as Mirakl, Blablacar and Ynsect, to name just a few.

French Tech Next40

Of the 120 program winners, 40 companies are selected for the French Tech Next40. This is composed of: companies valued at one billion dollars or more, companies that have raised at least €100M in funds over the last 3 years, and companies with a business model validated by investors (fundraising) and customers (turnover growth).

40 companies selected based on fundraising criteria (>20M€):

The objective is to target startups with deep tech and/or industrial projects that need to undergo significant R&D before commercialization. There are no requirements in terms of turnover.

40 companies selected based on turnover growth:

The objective is to target “digital” startups that have achieved rapid growth without necessarily going through major fundraising. There are no requirements in terms of fundraising.

The selection is therefore made on the basis of objective economic performance criteria. The assessment process is carried out jointly by the French Tech Mission and Bpifrance, without the intervention of a jury.

Need more information?

Discover the selection criteria and process



For a period of one year, companies joining the program will benefit from initiatives specifically designed to support them during their hypergrowth phase. They will have access to:
  • unlimited access access to a range of services offered by 45+ ministries, government agencies and public services, designed to meet the needs and speed of startups in hyper-growth. Our growing catalogue is split into 4 categories: international development, funding, go-to-market and support with government-related issues.
  • a range of tailored services, organized in modules (financing, international development, recruitment, etc.) and offered by partner agencies and public services .
  •  an analysis of their needs in terms of regulations and public policies to help construct new regulations.
  • the community of French Tech 120 members to promote experience sharing, support and business between startups



    Logo Afyren“A superb initiative that should become a regular fixture. It’s both rewarding and very beneficial for participating start-ups. I was very pleasantly surprised by the level of support and by the positive atmosphere buzzing around companies in the program. All in all, a very positive experience.” Afyren (Nicolas Sordet, CEO)
    Logo Evaneos“A big thank you for the amazing support you’ve given us ever since we joined the Next40. The French Tech teams are extremely reactive and committed. You can really see how hard they’re working to turn us into world leaders.” Evaneos (Benoit Guigou, CFO)
    Logo Younited Credit“The program has been a major driver for our development, especially when we were negotiating new partnerships with major foreign technology groups. We really felt a ‘before’ and an ‘after’.” Younited Credit (Geoffroy Guigou, CEO) 
    Logo Deezer“As a leading figure in both music streaming and the French Tech, it is an honor for us to be supported by the State. It’s a source of motivation that helps us drive performance and stay competitive in an increasingly demanding market.” Deezer (Augustin Leblanc, Strategy & Operations Manager)



    Applications for the 2021 program are closed.

    Discover details of the selection process and other technical information in our FAQ.



    More than 60 French Tech Correspondents in ministries, public institutions and social security organizations

    Euronext, partner of the French Tech Next40/FT120