French Tech Central sits inside Station F (Paris), the world’s largest startup campus, and it’s so much more than just our national HQ. It is a vibrant hub that brings startups and civil servants together IRL.



French Tech Central boasts 1000m2 of co-working and community space. It offers a variety of programs and services by startup-friendly ministries, regulators and public organizations to meet the needs of entrepreneurs.



Do a deep dive on GDPR with the CNIL (French data protection authority), understand how to get public funding with the BPI (French Public Investment Bank), let UGAP (French government procurement body) teach you how to do bizdev with the government …It’s all here.

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Want guidance on government aid and financing? Need help getting unstuck on confusing regulations? Nothing beats a face-to-face meeting with the people that are working directly on the issues—which is why they set aside time to work closely with startups, giving them that competitive edge.

Every day, you have the opportunity to meet individuals from 30 different administrative offices that can answer your questions and help you get started off right.



French Tech Central, right at the heart of Station F, is one of the best places to host events around innovation and the startup ecosystem. Cozy but ample at 300 m2, our event space can hold more than 100 people and can be reorganized according to your needs. We also have a boardroom for 10 ready at the center of our lively community.

Our team is ready to welcome you and create an event tailored to you.

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