French Tech Seed Fund

A 400M EUR match fund, allowing France to co-invest and encourage angel investing in hundreds of young deeptech startups



The French Tech Seed Fund aims to leverage private investment in technology startups in the post-maturation stage, in particular, deep tech startups that are less than three years old, with the goal of network co-funding. Drawn from the Investment in the Future Program, the fund is powered by diverse scouting partners who dialogues with founders on a regular basis and work in conjunction with private investors to find and support the French economy’s next stars.


how does it work

Business scouts identify a high potential startup that has already convinced a private investor to make the initial investments and who may benefit from quasi-equity funding (convertible bonds) from the French Tech Seed Fund. A qualified startup can receive a commitment of up to €250,000 from the fund.



For startups

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For scouting partners

Engage with deeptech founders and source deals that deserve the country’s attention 

Join the French Tech Seed Scouting Network (Applications open until October 2019)

For investors

Build dealflow for early-stage deeptech and effectively de-risk your investment 

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Watch Matthieu, Co-director of the French Tech Mission, pitching France’s Deep Tech program