French Tech Green20

French Tech Green20 is a dedicated program that selects leading startups and promotes them as technology champions of the ecological transition.



In France, some greentech startups have the potential to become the sector’s international leaders. Our mission is to be at their side, helping them to accelerate their development in France and beyond.

Every year, as part of French Tech for the Planet, we support 20 French startups, selected by a jury of experts following a call for applications. The initiative is led by the French Tech Mission in close collaboration with several French Tech Correspondents (who already support the French Tech Next40/120 program) and teams from the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

We are looking for 20 promising French startups working in markets or activities conducive to the ecological transition. They must have already reached a certain stage of maturity confirmed by their annual growth or by the amount of funding they have raised.



The 20 startups will benefit from the support of the French Tech Mission, working closely with teams from the Ministry of Ecological Transition. Participants can expect:

Increased visibility: Participating startups will not only receive media attention when the 20 winners are announced; they will also have access to a number of events designed to increase their visibility, including a special focus on the ecological transition as part of the French Tech Mission’s French Tech Central program.

Enhanced Government Support: the 20 companies will have access to a support system specially designed for high-potential start-ups and delivered by the network of French Tech Correspondents:

  • Financing (working with the Banque de France to study ways to improve their credit rating through an individual analysis of qualitative and predictive indicators)
  • International development (support from Business France for international development; specific support to ensure compliance with tax and customs procedures abroad (DGFIP, customs); access to financial tools for market prospecting)
  • Talent recruitment (specific support for their recruitment strategy and identification of candidates via APEC and Pôle Emploi)
  • Regulations and protection (support from Inpi and France Brevets in developing an intellectual property strategy; support from AFNOR in using voluntary standards and obtaining certification)
  • Public procurement (guidance from the State Purchasing Department, Ugap and UCANSS)
  • Access to expertise in technology transfer and data transfer (provided by Inria, CNES, CNRS Innovation, C.U.R.I.E. Network)
  • Specific support on greentech issues from the Ministry of Ecological Transition (e.g.: help in networking with ministerial and scientific experts in order to better understand technological and regulatory issues)



Application for the Green20 2022 program are now closed.

We’ll be in touch shortly.

Meanwhile, if you need any information or have a question about the initiative, please feel free to:





Among the 20 startups selected, the fact that 7 regions of France are represented attests of how dynamic territories are everywhere in France.

They are developing solutions to major ecological challenges:

  • 90% contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases,
  • 70% contribute to the reduction of waste,
  • 60% have a positive impact on air quality.

We share with you some examples:

  • Decarbonated hydrogen production, with Lhyfe (Pays-de-la-Loire): the startup allows, thanks to a unique innovative production process, to guarantee the availability of clean hydrogen to the mobility and industrial sectors, at an ultra competitive price.
  • Decarbonization of industry, with Lactips (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes): the company designs and markets the only plastic-free polymer. Bio-sourced and completely biodegradable, this innovative material is an effective and responsible alternative to many conventional plastics and promotes the circular economy;
  • Solutions for the sustainable city, with MATERR’UP (Nouvelle-Aquitaine): the industrial start-up produces low-carbon concretes based on raw clay. MATERR’UP demonstrates a new economic and production model that accelerates the transition of the construction industry.
  • The greening of digital technology, with Greenly (Ile-de-France): the company’s mission is to generalize the monitoring of the carbon footprint of individuals and companies.



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