French Tech Agri20

The French Tech - AGRI20 program aims to support the development of technology champions whose disruptive innovations help to meet today’s major food and agricultural challenges.



By combining the energy of the French Tech with France’s agricultural and culinary excellence, we want to encourage the development of more start-ups in these fields and position France as one of the leaders in the Third Agricultural Revolution. The French Agritech, which brings together different pioneers in the agricultural and food sectors, is an increasingly important ecosystem within the French Tech, and includes members of the French Tech Next40/120 (Ynsect, Innovafeed, Agriconomie).

The French Tech – AGRI20 program has been created to support the most promising start-ups in the sector and promote the development of technology champions. In this way, it complements the France 2030 investment plan, which provides a €2.3 billion package to the entire innovation ecosystem, and in particular to emerging players,

Applications are now open, with the selection process focused on start-ups proposing disruptive innovations in services or products that stand out for their very high level of differentiation from existing solutions, as well as the company’s ability to deploy them on a large scale. These innovations must specifically address the issues identified in the France 2030 program: sustainable and healthy food; sustainable agricultural systems and equipment for the ecological transition; farms of the future; life science entrepreneurs; timber for construction; and the bioeconomy for non-food uses of agriculture.

All business models – digital, industrial and life sciences – will be considered to ensure every type of Agritech start-up is included.



Eligibility criteria for the company

  • First fiscal year completed in 2010 or later
  • Head offices in France
  • Innovative company
  • Independent company


Eligibility criteria in terms of innovation and financing

  • Innovation must address at least one of the challenges of France 2030
  • At least €500k must have been raised in funding over the last three years


Capacity to develop in a high-potential market

  • Start-ups must be capable of positioning themselves among the first entrants in a high-potential market
  • They must be able to deploy their project rapidly and on a large scale in France and/or internationally

Deep-tech nature of projects and potential for disrupting markets

The disruptive nature of the innovation will be examined in terms of:

  • The support structures the company has used so far
  • The deeptech public funding obtained, nationally or in Europe
  • The potential to disrupt markets and challenge the models of established companies.



The 20 successful applicants will benefit from the support of the French Tech Mission in close collaboration with teams from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. They will have access to:

  • A start-up manager from the French Tech Mission, responsible for identifying their needs and recommending business support opportunities;
  • Increased visibility thanks to outreach and communication initiatives in France and abroad
  • Participation in economic diplomacy initiatives;
  • A specific service offer provided by the “French Tech Correspondents”, a network of 60 partner administrations working to simplify and accelerate public services for entrepreneurs in the areas of financing, international development, recruitment, intellectual property, etc. (Banque de France, Inpi, Urssaf, customs, etc.);
  • Support on regulatory issues
  • Access to a community of high-potential companies, with opportunities to interact with other entrepreneurs of the FT AGRI20 and other programs of the FT Mission (FT120, FTGREEN20, etc.).





  • Directorate General for Enterprise
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Food
  • The 60 French Tech Correspondents