French Tech 120

France's growth-stage program was built to provide unprecedented support for the 120 fastest growing companies in France.
Pooling resources from accross the various government agencies, ministries and public service departments, this program is intended to simulate growth and create opportunities in France, following the global success of our top startups.



Inaugurated by President Macron in September 2019, French Tech 120 is in its pilot phase and is the government’s way of becoming the best wingmen (and women) possible for the French Tech ecosystem. 

This ambitious growth program has put together an impressive catalog of services and advantages spanning 40 government ministries, agencies and public service departments in order to meet the rhythm and needs of the fastest growing startups. 



Startups joining the program receive priority support from ministries and public services. The goal is to speed up their growth and help them to become global leaders. For one year, the 120 companies (of which the Next40 are a subset) get access to a swath of advantages too long to list here. The short version: 

3 wishes. French Tech 120 can go into Aladdin-mode and request up three things of the French tech Mission and its Correspondents throughout the year. Within the limits of legality, of course. 

“I need to strengthen our network in China. Can our CEO join the President’s official delegation?” Sure. “We need simulate how our tech would work in a rocket launch. Would the National Space Agency (CNES) let us use their facilities?” Very likely. “We’re about to hire 30 people from 5 countries and need them and their families to get to France in a month. Can I get coordinated visa support from our embassies?” No problem. 

On top of the 3 wishes, unlimited access to a range of services offered by 40+ ministries and government agencies, designed to meet the needs and speed of startups in hyper-growth. Our growing catalogue is split into 4 categories: international development, funding, go-to-market and support with government-related issues. 

Some examples: 

French Treasury Department offers Market Entry Insurance, covering expenses used to explore entering a new market abroad in the event of unsuccessful sales in the geography. 

URSSAF offers a designated account manager and tailored services (advance notification on payment deadlines and reminders for business thresholds. 

The Banque de France offers more advantageous appraisal terms in order to improve their funding (including non-dilutive funding). 

Brand recognition as one of France’s top 120 startups along with higher visibility through profile-raising campaigns, international events and other communication efforts. 

Bizdev opportunities with the state. Expedited approval as supplier companies, and business appointments with ministries and government agencies such as UGAP (France’s public procurement department), the Ministry of Armed Forces or the CNES (France’s national space agency). 

    A wide (and totally legit) berth for experimentation: Government support to build customised regulatory and legal sandboxes. This means French Tech 120 companies, especially those in areas that move too fast for proper regulation, may benefit from regulatory and legal exemptions over a pre-determined period of time.  

    Year-round support from a dedicated “Startup Engagement Manager,” to help them make the most of the program.

    Public Services



    Companies selected for the Next40 are automatically integrated into the program. For the remaining 80 places, the selection is made by local leaders, following a request for applications to be diffused at the end of 2019. Their selection will be based on objective criteria of economic performance (turnover growth rate, fundraising, minimum turnover), together with qualitative criteria on the market outlook as well as the quality of the team. These criteria are weighted according to the sectors of activity and the mode of deployment: digital or industrial.



    Applications will be available online towards the end of the year. To stay updated sign up for our newsletter.