French Tech Government Correspondents Network

Our collaborative approach to moving public policy forward : Appointing startup correspondents accross key ministries and government agencies that share - and execute on - a national pro-startup roadmap



The French Tech Government Correspondents Network was established to effectively support the development of French startups through better public policy and services. Composed of over 40 startup correspondents officially appointed across key ministries, public establishments and social security bodies, this network aims to streamline the relationships between startups and government agencies by ensuring that entrepreneurs can benefit from:

  • More specific information on legislation or regulations concerning them;
  • more coherent public initiatives intended to support the development of startups;
  • business opportunities with government agencies.



Our correspondents, appointed in July 2019, come from the following organizations


General Delegation for Employment and Vocational Training (Ministry for Labor)

General Directorate for Labor (Ministry for Labor)

General Directorate for Research and Innovation (Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation)

General Directorate for Foreign Nationals in France (Ministry of the Interior)

General Directorate for Health Care (Ministry for Solidarity and Health)

General Directorate for the Economic and Environmental Performance of Companies (Ministry of Agriculture)

General Directorate for School Education (Ministry for Education and Youth)

Office for Sustainable Development (Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition)

Ecological Transition Contracts (Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition)

Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs

Agency for Defence Innovation (Ministry for the Armed Forces)

Interministerial Directorate for Government Transformation (Prime Minister)

France Stratégie (Prime Minister)

Directorate General for Enterprise (Ministry for the Economy and Finance)

France Experimentation (Prime Minister)

Directorate General of the Treasury (Ministry for the Economy and Finance)

Public Procurement Department (Ministry for the Economy and Finance)

Tax Policy Directorate (Ministry for the Economy and Finance)

Directorate General for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (Ministry for the Economy and Finance)

Business Relations Mediator (Ministry for the Economy and Finance)

Customs (Ministry for the Economy and Finance)

General Directorate for Public Finances (Ministry for the Economy and Finance)


Agency for social security organizations/ collecting social security payments

French national organization for standardization

National Frequency Agency

Association for the employment of executive managers

Independent agency in charge of regulating telecommunications

French Central bank

French public investment bank

Public agency in charge of promoting investements in France and French international trade

Public financial institution in charge of long-term investments

Chamber of commerce and industry

French national centre for space studies

French national center for scientific research

National Center for Scientific Research subsidiary for R&D and innovation

 French data protection authority

French national high performance computing organization

National industrial property institute

National institute for research in computer science and automation

National agency for employment

French public service radio broadcaster

French union of public purchasing groups