Bourse French Tech

To encourage entrepreneurs to take the leap, spread their wings and fly, Bourse French Tech offers up to €90,000 in equity-free funding to help pay for those initial startup costs.



Going from concept to fully fledged company is never easy. Bourse French Tech helps take away a bit of the burden by covering up to 70% of eligible company expenses for entrepreneurs. 

Since Bourse French Tech first launched, over 3,000 startups have enjoyed the benefits of this government grant. It continues with the goal of: supporting the creation of innovative companies with high growth potential, allowing companies in their early stages, whether they are still in the process of being set up or just recently established, to make their first expenditures and enter the market, ensuring minimal risk for each startup’s strategy. 

Two distinct categories have been created, dependent  on company focus: Bourse French Tech, jumpstarts businesses based on any kind of innovation, and Bourse French Tech Emergence, is specifically for companies working on breakthrough innovations with high technological content (a.k.a. “deep tech).



French Tech grant

  A subsidy that may cover as much as 70% of expected eligible expenses up to a maximum of €25,000.

French Tech "Emergence" grant

  • A subsidy that may cover as much as 70% of expected eligible expenses up to a maximum of €90,000.

  • Special support to assess and analyse the innovative project’s potential and market prospects



French Tech grant

Eligible beneficiaries

New companies: established in France within the past year and which fall under the European definition of a small business (less than 50 employees and a balance sheet or CA of less than 10 million Euros). There are no restrictions based on business activity (service, industry, digital). 

Entrepreneurs: individual people, including those registered as sole proprietorships, and working within an organized structure (public or private) that is specifically tailored to the support of startups, for instance, an accelerator, incubator or not-for-profit organization.

Eligible projects

Projects that require a maturation and technical-economic validation stage, for example with a business model and technological feasibility study.

Eligible expenses

Eligible expenses related to the project’s design, definition and feasibility studies:

  • External costs (ex. graphic design), support costs (ex. employee salaries), personal expenses (ex. travel)
  • Coverage of personal expenses is limited to 50% of external costs or €8,000.

French Tech "Emergence" grant

Eligible beneficiaries 

New companies (see left)

Eligible projects

Any breakthrough innovation project with high technological content, called deep tech, in other words based on technologies or combinations of technologies (from a research laboratory, having high entry barriers, etc.).

Eligible expenses

Internal and external expenses directly related to the project’s design, definition and feasibility studies

The application process is the same for both grants:

1. Make an appointment with a Bpifrance case manager to pitch your innovative project.

2. File a request for aid from your regional department on the My Bpifrance website.

3. You will be notified within one month.

Visit the website of our partner Bpifrance for more information.