French Tech Capitals and Communities Labelling

At the beginning of February 2023, the French Tech Mission announced the labelling of 16 Capitals (including 3 new ones) and 32 Communities (including 2 new ones) in France and 67 Communities abroad (including 9 new ones) for the period January 1, 2023 - December 31, 2025. This unique network gathers 6,000 start-ups and 1,400 volunteers who bring French Tech to life locally all over the world.



What are the French Tech Capitals and Communities for?

The French Tech Capitals and Communities are real gateways for French start-ups to the French Tech ecosystem. Present throughout France and in 52 countries around the world, they unite the innovation players in their territory (start-ups, investment funds, support structures, public services, financiers, major groups, research centers, etc.) and mobilize them for joint initiatives, in line with the challenges of the French Tech Mission and according to the local priorities of their ecosystem.



The French Tech Capitals are the relays of the Mission French Tech on the national territory. They have their own operational teams and deploy three Mission French Tech programs throughout the country: French Tech Rise, French Tech Tremplin and French Tech Central.

They also carry out structuring actions in line with the priorities of the Mission French Tech to :

Develop world-class technology companies;
Develop an ecosystem that provides technological solutions to the major challenges facing society and digital and technological sovereignty, with a stronger presence of disruptive innovation and industrial start-ups;

To open the ecosystem to all talents and all territories, in urban and rural areas, in France as well as in the overseas regions and territories;

Support the growth of the French GreenTech ecosystem and the consideration of ecological issues by all start-ups, by placing the environmental issue at the heart of the entrepreneurial dynamic of our country.

The French Tech Capitales are also involved in the Mission French Tech’s strategic thinking on the actions to be implemented to meet these challenges.

For 2023-2025, the Mission French Tech has labeled 16 Capitales on the French territory:

3 new Capitales:

French Tech Bourgogne-Franche-Comté
French Tech La Réunion, the first French Tech Capital in an overseas region
French Tech Paris-Saclay

13 Capitals whose labels have been renewed:

French Tech Aix-Marseille Région Sud
French Tech Alpes (formerly French Tech in the Alps)
French Tech Bordeaux
French Tech Brest+ (formerly French Tech in the Alps)
French Tech Côte d’Azur South Region
La French Tech Est (formerly French Tech East)


french communities

The French Tech Communities in France are groups of volunteer entrepreneurs who rely on the collective commitment of their members. The French Tech Communities in France aim to animate the local entrepreneurial community, to intensify the collaborations between start-ups, private catalysts and public actors and to ensure the visibility of this ecosystem on the whole national territory.

They participate in certain flagship actions of their reference French Tech Capital and propose their own initiatives according to the challenges of their community.

2 new Communities:

French Tech Mont-Blanc
French Tech Marne-la-Vallée
The 32 French Tech Communities in France :

French Tech Angers
French Tech Artois
The French Tech Baie de Saint-Brieuc
French Tech Bretagne Sud
French Tech Clermont Auvergne
Grand Hainaut French Tech
French Tech Littoral Hauts-de-France
French Tech Lot-et-Garonne
French Tech Marne-la-Vallée
La French Tech Martinique
La French Tech Mayotte
Mont Blanc French Tech
La French Tech Normandie
New Caledonia French Tech
Pau Bearn French Tech
The Basque Country French Tech
Grande Provence French Tech
Guadeloupe French Tech
French Tech Guyana
La French Tech Laval
Le Mans French Tech
The Limousin French Tech
The Perigord French Tech
The Perpignan French Tech
The Picardie French Tech
French Tech Poitou-Charentes
Polynesia French Tech
French Tech Pyrénées Adour
La French Tech Saint-Nazaire La Baule and Pornic
French Tech Toulon South Region
French Tech Loire Valley
La French Tech Vendée



The French Tech Communities abroad are groups of French or Francophile entrepreneurs, volunteers and locally established. As full members of the French Tech network, they participate in the influence of our ecosystem around the world.

Their mission is to support the Mission French Tech’s international actions by animating and taking part in the life of the local entrepreneurial community, by supporting the development of French start-ups in their ecosystems and by carrying out structuring actions in line with the Mission French Tech’s priorities.

Composed of founders, investors and employees of start-ups and tech companies, and any other stakeholder involved in the promotion of French Tech in their geographical area, the International Communities carry out their actions in conjunction with all the actors of the French network. Their objective is to encourage exchanges and meetings in their local ecosystem, by promoting bridges with the French ecosystem.

The French Tech communities abroad are independent structures that take many forms (informal groups, associations, etc.) and are certified by the French government. The label is granted after an evaluation process of the Community’s file, ensuring compliance with 3 criteria: at least 10 letters of support from local ecosystem actors, a board composed of at least 70% male and female entrepreneurs and ⅓ women, programming aligned with the priorities of the Mission French Tech.

The new network of international French Tech Communities will consist of 67 Communities, including 9 new ones, spread across 52 countries, as follows:

Europe: 21 Communities (representing 20 countries, including 15 European Union Member States). Germany is the country which counts the most communities in Europe with 3 Communities,
Asia: 14 Communities (representing 11 countries),
North America: 14 Communities, including 11 in the United States, 2 in Canada and 1 in Mexico,
Africa: 9 Communities,
Near East: 4 Communities,
South America: 3 Communities,
Oceania: 2 Communities.
Including 9 new Communities labeled for 2023-2025

The French Tech Athens
The French Tech Denver
French Tech Düsseldorf
French Tech Indonesia
French Tech Lagos
French Tech Madrid
French Tech New Zealand
French Tech San Diego
French Tech Warsaw
List of French Tech Communities abroad

Europe (21 Communities) :

La French Tech Amsterdam
The French Tech Athens
The French Tech Barcelona
La French Tech Belgrade
The French Tech Berlin
The French Tech Brussels
The French Tech Bucharest
French Tech Krakow
French Tech Dublin
French Tech Düsseldorf
French Tech Lisbon
French Tech London
French Tech Madrid
French Tech Munich
The French Tech Nordics
The French Tech Prague
The French Tech Sofia
The French Tech Switzerland
The French Tech War