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As you know, most entrepreneurs are facing difficult times

Despite these challenges, the community has found the time and energy to fight back. Through a slew of initiatives, entrepreneurs are acting to help healthcare workers, to advance research, protect the public, support business, lend a hand to parents, and take care of those most at risk. It’s a show of solidarity that we find truly heart-warming.

To pay tribute to these initiatives, we’ve joined forces with our friends at France Digitale and Galion Project. Together, we’ve created an infographic highlighting just how plentiful and varied these actions are.

    The crisis surrounding the COVID-19 epidemic is far from over – and there is so much to be done. The situation has created an urgent need for innovation. And we believe French Tech has a key role to play. 

    If you would like to participate in initiatives coordinated by the authorities, take a look at this platform launched by the French government, which lists all the calls for proposals. 


    And if you have your own independent initiative, tell us about it on social media by mentioning @LaFrenchTech.

    Thank you!

    The French Tech Mission

    – Sifted (Financial Times) a publié un récap des aides gouvernementales destinées aux entreprises à travers l’Europe. Utile si vous opérez dans plusieurs pays.

    – France Digitale a réalisé une liste de startups qui peuvent vous aider en cette période de crise, en incluant des membres du Next40, comme OpenClassrooms, Frichti ou Klaxoon. 

    – Cédric O, le Secrétaire d’État chargé du numérique, a répondu aux questions de BFM Business sur la mobilisation de la French Tech pendant cette crise. À voir ici

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