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frequent asked questions

Helpie FAQ

  • For everyone

  • What’s the difference between French Tech Capitals and French Tech Communities?

    The French Tech Community is made up of diverse local French Tech communities in nearly 100 cities in France and the world. The teams belong to their local French Tech community. They all share our mission and goals, setting them locally so that they become a reality globally.

    Communities: Located in nearly 100 cities worldwide, French Tech communities are the network’s nerve centres. Every day, they drive their local ecosystems, make commitments and boost the mobility of French start-ups by welcoming them to their cities. They bring together start-ups, investors, employees and other stakeholders by geographical area.

    Capitals: French Tech Capitals are located in the 13 French regions with the highest concentration of growing start-ups. They underpin the network of local French Tech communities by implementing the national programmes there and bring together communities with a high density of start-ups in hyper-growth run by a dedicated team.

  • How does one become an official French Tech community?

    The French Tech Mission certifies independent collectives dubbed French Tech Communities and French Tech Capitals. If you share French Tech’s view of public action and would like to play a key role in achieving its goals on a global scale, starting with local communities, you can apply for the official French Tech Community label. Thirteen French Tech Capitals, 38 French Tech Communities in France and 48 French Tech Communities abroad were certified in 2019.

    Applications are now open for our next wave of certification for 2020. Find all the details on this link.

  • For startups

  • I’m a French startup. How can French Tech help me?

    For government-level support, the French Tech Mission is committed to helping all startups indirectly through diverse means. To name a few: Pro-startup public policy (ex. French Tech Visa), funding when there are market gaps (ex. French Tech Seed Fund), help centers (ex. French Tech Central) as well as promotional initiatives abroad that benefit the reputation of the French Tech scene as a whole (ex. Scale-Up Tour).

    There are a few cases where the French Tech Mission works with startups directly, namely via our programs (ex. French Tech 120). Have a look at the “How France helps startups” section to see if there is one that is right for you. We roll out new programs every year, and are always looking for new ideas. If you have something in mind, please contact us and send in your suggestion.

    For community-level support, our 90+ French Tech Communities worldwide serve as nodes in a network of volunteers happy to help you discover their ground turf. Find a French Tech Community near you.

  • Can I become a member of French Tech?

    French Tech is the nickname for the entire French startup ecosystem. If you founded, work in or invest in a startup that is either French or present in France, you can most certainly call yourself part of French Tech. There is no membership model at either a national or international level.

    There are other ways to get involved:

    Join the French Tech Community closest to you

    Apply for one of our Startup Programs

    Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Twitter

  • For community leaders

  • I’d like to invite with one of the executives of the French Tech Mission to speak at my event and/or for an interview. What’s the best way to contact you?

    Thanks for your interest! Write to us through this form, at least 6 weeks in advance of your event. For journalists, you can reach out directly to Sara Gutsatz on this email address 

  • I’d like French Tech to sponsor my event. What’s your policy?

    The French Tech Mission sponsors three types of events:

    Those organised by our French Tech Community members, via the French Tech Community Grants

    International events in line with our own marketing goals abroad, currently via our partners Business France

    International events in line with our own marketing goals, via the French Tech Event Grants. We do a request for proposals every year, sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop.