French Tech Saint-Nazaire La Baule is positioned on “Blue Tech” and relies on the very innovative maritime sector which is deeply anchored on this territory … but not only! It also represents innovative companies in the broad sense and the entire digital sector. Catalyzer in order to accelerate existing dynamics (growth, funding, recruitment), hatching new ones (incubation and demonstration) and continue – through innovation and experimentation – the diversification of this territory of iconic industry in these times of digital transformation.



French Tech Saint-Nazaire La Baule is brand new within the French tech Communities, so one of the first objectives is to get organized!

1. We come alive A convivial event every 3 months, whose objectives are: – Allow all the support of the French Tech Community to meet and to federate new members Ex: Organization of Learning Expedition in the local Start ups and key places of the ecosystem favoring innovation and experimentation ; participation in Web Aperos that take place every month, organization of evenings … – Share and involve We wantto co-build a roadmap shared with all members of the community with a medium-term vision. Ex : 4 July 2019: Workshop to co-build a 3-year roadmap with all volunteers (start-ups and members of the ecosystem) 19 September 2019: Restitution of the Workshop, presentation of the axes of the roadmap and launching of the first actions 2. We accompany our members on their priority needs • Experimentation – “Smart Bay”: Allowing Start Up to offer disruptive solutions to make life easier for beach-goers and beach professionals to experiment with their solutions – “Sailing Lab”: in close partnership with our neighbors in Nantes, we want to provide the conditions for the experimentation to start-ups of the maritime economy: creation of a laboratory to accelerate the steps of start-ups who want to have access to port infrastructures, public maritime domain, beaches, big industrialists of the sector … • Financing – Organization of start-up meetings / investors on the territory Ex: Fundtruck Stage and Regional Finale on September 13th, 2019 – Mobilization of local private financing for local projects – Active sourcing of French Tech Pass 3. We get together • Totem places, bearers of our values Our objective: to mesh the territory with emblematic places for the community, which will be as many doors of entry for all the start-up / actors of the innovation which will seek information, support, a place to exchange, a network. Ex: in May 2019 the Blue Lab, prototyping space, place of regrouping students / teachers / companies / makers and place of emergence of start-up projects was inaugurated. • And we do not stay alone! We are already connected to the network of French Tech communities throughout the Region (Vendée, Angers, Le Mans, Laval, Nantes) and have the ambition to develop the maximum possible cooperation and mutualisation (international, recruitment, Tech for Good …).



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