The mission of French Tech Pays Basque is therefore to promote and develop the region’s Tech & Innovation Excellence.



French Tech Pays Basque is lucky to start the adventure on a "breeding ground"

for the emergence and development of innovative companies and start-ups in the various strategic fields of activity that are at the heart of the region’s economic development: Digital Services and Industries, Blue Economy, Aeronautics, Robotics and Advanced Materials, Sustainable Construction and Development, Logistics, Agriculture and Food Processing, not forgetting the Craft, Health and Well-being and of course Tourism sector. The French Tech Basque Country dynamic will complement the current ecosystem by positioning itself more precisely on inter-industry cohesion and the international developpement of innovative Basque companies.
The spirit of French Tech is based on a simple foundation: a movement of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. The French Tech Basque Country will therefore be built together.
French Tech Basque Country is the dynamic of the territory!



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