The Portuguese capital is now recognized as an important player in the digital scene, but it is mostly its quality of life that has attracted many Digital Nomads, Startupers and important actors of the Tech.



The Websummit has not been wrong by setting up here for 10 years.

La French Tech in Lisbon is mostly composed by many entrepreneurs who surfed on the digital shift operated by the country in the last 10 years, the French institutions (Business France, CCI …) but also larger groups historically present for several years in Portugal.
French Tech Lisbon is relatively new among the FrenchTech communities, it strives to create a link and gather the different actors of the Tech present in Portugal.
Faced to the arrival of many Tech structures in Portugal, FrenchTech Lisbon, with its knowledge and local experiences, tries to help structures during their installations.
Several events including “Tech for Good” are organized throughout the year to report on various initiatives at national and international level.
Many news are coming, in addition to the existing ones, like:
– the launch of an investment fund
– the creation of a membership fee to join and support the association and many other surprises …



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