4000 people are employed in the Lannion cluster. Lannion is an entrepreneurial ecosystem combining digital and photonics Deep Tech.



Lannion, at heart of ICT key innovation, is an entrepreneurial ecosystem combining digital and photonics Deep Tech.

It is home to numerous innovative startups and exciting tech companies (Eco-compteur, Ekinops, Lumibird, Apizee, Actility, DC Brain …). Knowed as the French Silicon Valley, Lannion has 4000 jobs in the digital sector. The science park has raised more than 162M € in 3 years, it features the highest rate of creation of startups per inhabitant in France and is in the top 3 of cities for new patent application. The Lannion French Tech Community, supported by the Anticipa Technopole and its board of 10 entrepreneurs, helps bring the community together and support people as they seek to attract top young talent.



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