What we do: 1. We #HELP French Tech Entrepreneurs 2. We #CONNECT local entrepreneurs and investors with French Ecosystem 3. We bring the #COMMUNITY together



French Tech Communities are now developing and established in major cities around the world with a common aim: Start-ups are more than ever at the center of the stage French tech, with a greater focus on scale-ups.

Our main objectives are to : Help and support to French Tech entrepreneurs willing to setup here in Hong Kong as well Shenzhen. Promote French ecosystem to local investors and entrepreneurs willing to set up in France – Connect members to the right people locally, as internationally and bring the French Tech community together La French Tech is deeply connected to the whole ecosystem: from universities, corporate companies, R&D centers, incubators, accelerators, investors, institutions… Together we are Stronger! Our board is like we believe French Tech should be: open with very diverse backgrounds, balanced between our two ecosystem in Shenzhen and Hong Kong and full of energy since we need to remember that French Tech is based on volunteer only! We have decided to gather Hong Kong and Shenzhen for this new edition of French Tech to be able to take the best out of the 2 communities. To be a French Tech Community gives us honor and obligations: Honor first, because it acknowledge our proven capacity to gather tech fans, from all along the value chains from academics to entrepreneur , corporates and VC. Obligations also, because we need now to further demonstrate our value to foster the Tech scene with vibrant events where french start ups and entrepreneur will always be at the heart. Our ambitions are strong to develop the tech community here in Hong Kong and in Shenzhen. To do so, we have already started with 2 virtual ecosystem on WeChat and WhatsApp where we can mobilise our community, cheer up successes and share information on tech news. Our calendar is already busy with a bunch of events organized by our Community: French Tech Talk, French Tech Connect, French Tech Workshops and even a big French Tech Community Party that we celebrated last July during RISE! We also partner with some major events in our local ecosystem such as Greater Bay Sharing Forum, or Slush China. SO YES! We have strong ambition! And YES again La French tech is a non profit based on volunteer ONLY. But that is the beauty of French Tech: Everyone is welcome to help us, set an event, helping us communication wise. La French Tech is not us – you are La French Tech.



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