The French Tech Cracovie connects Polish startups, and support then in their growth strategy on the French territory. We are a united and enthusiast community, and we represent our innovative ecosystem to investors, clients and institutions. Our mission is to create Tech synergies between France and Poland.



Our community represents the startups of Poland and more precisely its vibrant and enthusiastic Krakow ecosystem.

This European Hub of Tech presents multiple opportunities in Franco-Polish cooperation: a pool of high-level talents thanks to 22 technical universities, more than 500 startup events organized each year, growing and globalized tech champions. The current specialties of this territory are focus on the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR / VR), tourism technologies, and the new generation of SaaS business software. The public organizations have set a strategy to develop the entrepreneurship spirit and has made it a priority. Together, and supported by local French institutions (General Consulate of Krakow, French Embassy in Poland, Business France, CCI France-Poland), we are working in this direction. Our first mission is to identify SMEs requiring support for their access to the French market, and local success stories led by French entrepreneurs. These characteristics represent the conditions of access to the French Tech network and to become a member of our community. We cooperate with different organizations during co-organized events by presenting the opportunities of the French market, during panels, meetups, bootcamps, and coaching sessions. An essential mission is to inform and comfort startups in the internalization of their activities in France, understand business customs, and be in contact with partners and customers over the long term. We also organize events in our own name, such as France-Poland business meetings, a VC Tour, or a 3-level Soft-Landing program with the Lyon St-Etienne partnership. Krakow is an moving hub of ideas, positivism and potential for French startups. The development of Poland, its growing market and its cultural and geographical proximity represent assets for the future of French startups. Finally, France is historically a reliable partner for Poland, being the 2nd largest investor and 3rd largest foreign employer. The whole team of the French Tech Krakow is available to answer your questions, and to help you discover the added business values of this exceptional territory. Witamy w Krakowie!



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