Clermont Auvergne French Tech Community, is an association whose goal is to federate!!!



First of all it aims is to gather and animate the local ecosystem of startups. For the next three years, the founders wish to contribute to the growth of startups and scaleups and to create optimal development conditions while achieving virtuous societal goals, # Techforgood.

The structuring and animation of Clermont Auvergne French Tech, will involve the creation of an event agenda, shared tools for the monitoring of startups and scaleups and the implementation of a dynamic mapping of the ecosystem. The growth of startups and scaleups, a major challenge, will be facilitated by the creation of a 15 million euro investment fund, combining public and private partners. This innovative tool will be operational from the beginning of 2020. To continue our commitments on the theme of mobility and to be an experimentation territory, a chair of excellence “Mobility and Artificial Intelligence” started in mid-2018 gathering startups (AI and Mobility) and university. An action plan to promote our startups is implemented over the year, including participation to MOVIN’ON in Montreal, or the mobilization of French foreign trade advisors for the international development of startups. As #techforgood is a main goal, Clermont Auvergne FrenchTech Community will work closely with the actors of FrenchImpact label; a call for projects “Diversity” will also be launched and finally actions promoting women employability in the digital sector will be intiated.



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