Austin is a great choice for launching your U.S. market expansion with lots of highly educated talent, a low cost of living, and a high quality of life. With a “Keep Austin Weird” reputation the world over, Austin is where live music, hip culture and technology meet. Conservative and progressive ideals converge in the heart of Texas with an eclectic mesh of industry, academia, big-business and a contagious spirit of fierce entrepreneurship.



The French Tech Austin Community, just like the city, is growing and incredibly diverse, from med-tech, media, augmented reality entertainment, passing by IoT, Sass, Fin-tech to Tech applied to sports.

We are a group of passionate entrepreneurs ready to help startups discover Austin, and get them integrated in the local ecosystem. We believe successes emerge when unique, talented individuals are immersed in strong, innovative ecosystems and thriving communities. Day to day, we 1. coordinate the French Tech presence at SxSw, one of the major tech conferences in the world that happens every year in Austin, 2. give more visibility to other growing events and opportunities in Austin such as the Austin Startup Week, 3. connect entrepreneurs to the local ecosystem through our organically grown network, 4. share our practical experience of building and working for startups in Austin through our mentor program, 5. and develop the local French tech community by organizing meetups and knowledge sharing sessions.



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